Our stockings are hung, our tree is decorated, turkeys are heading into the brine shortly, my prime ribs have been aging in the fridge, the appetizers are all prepped, the presents are all   almost all (darnit I need to remember where I put things better) wrapped and now the morning of Christmas Eve I want to post a message not about a recipe or a new gadget but about what BBQ means to me and to my wish for you & your family this Christmas.

This past year has been an incredible adventure for my husband our kids and the world of BBQ. We traveled well over 25,000 kilometers this past year.  We crisscrossed both the US and Canada having so much fun from the sunny location of Calabasas California to the top of a mountain in Whistler British Columbia and all because of my insane passion about BBQ.  I got to do things this past year that I have dreamed about.. competing at the American Royal, appearing on the Today show in Rockefeller Center, being on a hit TV show, even meeting Chef Art Smith. I even got a tattoo this year with my BBQ BFF.  Seriously. But… above all I got to meet some of the most incredible people on the planet. I got to do all of these things because of BBQ.

I was blessed to be the recipient on many occasions of complete kindness from strangers on the circuit on facebook and even twitter who were kind enough to share advice, an item I might have forgotten and or a “pop” or 3.  Then there are the friends from coast to coast and Country to Country who helped us out every way possible.. Whether it was equipment, or meat, or encouragement or even some times just listening to me rant on the phone about my latest challenge.  Many people this past year I got to meet had absolutely nothing to do with BBQ but were just passionate about food and life and opened my own eyes up to new possibilities but BBQ led me to them.

My kids have had some of their own adventures as well all over the US. They love meeting other “comp” kids. They had so much fun and they were spoiled wherever they went from NY to Kansas and everywhere in between. They have made friends and enjoy the adventures almost as much as I do.

Then there is my husband… Vlado and our family’s’

While I get to fly off to where I need to be …he holds the fort down with the help of his family and my Daddy (aka Mr. Happypants). They do everything they can to support my dream. I could not do this without their support and our close friends here in Barrie.  They are my pillars of support and I am a truly blessed lady.

So for this Christmas and the upcoming new year this is what I wish for each and everyone of you…to have good fortune prosperity great health &  to appreciate what you have already, to be thankful for the family and friends that have come in to your life and to love & cherish them each and every day. This year I have already received more presents in experiences and friendships than I ever thought possible.  No present ever could compare.  I am blessed and thankful for each of them. It has been such an fun adventure and I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings……

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Much love always.


All this because of BBQ.


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