Kevin Roberts new host of BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 on the Early Show today!

Kevin Roberts, the new host of TLC BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 was on The Early show this morning talking hot dogs. Yes. Hot dogs. It was probably a much safer topic than his previous appearance on the Today show with some rib cooking options. I liked his suggestion of a pickle bar versus chips. It is a much healthier idea for sure!  He is still taking shots but this time was Franks Red Hot! The Food Dude certainly is amusing with Chicago Style, Texas style and many more pimping out the hot dogs!!

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Here are the recipes that were featured!

3 Responses to “Kevin Roberts new host of BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 on the Early Show today!”

  • hey Diva Q! Whats up?!?
    glad you liked the CBS Seg
    I saw your Today Show seg by the way too
    wait til you hear my blog :)
    Hope all is well up there in O Canada…..

  • I have a ton of empathy for you folks on these morning shows. You are given mere seconds to explain complex dishes to an audience mostly with a low B.I.Q. (Barbecue Intelligence Quotient)

    No time is given to educate, only to entertain. It’s like trying to pack that “one bite flavor” of competition Q. They are always rushing and pushing for time, so there’s no way you get to effectively communicate what you’d want to.

    But any exposure is good exposure at this point. Maybe it will interest someone enough to google and find some great resources like the BBQ Brethren forum or blogs like yours.

  • Diva-Q you guys did great on the show – placing 2nd to the legend himself is not a bad thing!

    That Kevin Roberts though seems like a full of himself Douche and tough for me not to want to b*tch slap his smug bloated @$$….

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