Its Tuesday night… That means only one thing at our house ITs BBQ Central time!

Day 8-25 Days of Christmas Blogging…

Every Tuesday night wherever possible there is something I do..I listen to BBQ Central radio show.

This internet based radio show hosted by Greg Rempe (since 2007) has been something I have enjoyed for the last couple of years. I have won bottles of sauce and a nifty attachment for my BBQ. More than that its a great place to listen to a variety of shows all on the topic of BBQ. He has had some big name guests on his show. I also like the fact that if you miss a show you can always catch up by listening to the podcasts.

Here is a clip of Greg doing a promo explaining the difference between grilling and BBQ.

Greg does this week in and week out. He does a fantastic job. In addition to the weekly radio segment he runs a BBQ forum. The forum is jam packed with a ton of information, discussions, personalities and recipes.

Greg also posts regularly on twitter!

Gregs guests for tonight include Rod Gray KCBS TOY.

One Response to “Its Tuesday night… That means only one thing at our house ITs BBQ Central time!”

  • Buzz:

    Being new to BBQ, I'm happy I found Greg early. Less than a year in I have never been to a competition and I feel like I know Diva Q, Dr. BBQ, Mike Davis, Myron, Tuffy Stone and on and on. I have learned loads from all of them. It is kind of funny in the real "old days" people use to sit around the radio and listen to radio shows … now Tuesday nights we sit around the computer and listen to Greg;-) As always looking forward to tonight's show.

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