Day 8-25 Days of Christmas Blogging…

Every Tuesday night wherever possible there is something I do..I listen to BBQ Central radio show.

This internet based radio show hosted by Greg Rempe (since 2007) has been something I have enjoyed for the last couple of years. I have won bottles of sauce and a nifty attachment for my BBQ. More than that its a great place to listen to a variety of shows all on the topic of BBQ. He has had some big name guests on his show. I also like the fact that if you miss a show you can always catch up by listening to the podcasts.

Here is a clip of Greg doing a promo explaining the difference between grilling and BBQ.

Greg does this week in and week out. He does a fantastic job. In addition to the weekly radio segment he runs a BBQ forum. The forum is jam packed with a ton of information, discussions, personalities and recipes.

Greg also posts regularly on twitter!

Gregs guests for tonight include Rod Gray KCBS TOY.


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