You tube is a fantastic resource for a lot of reasons.

For Home cooks like myself that have no formal training or papers at least it has been a terrific place to go and well find out how to do things. Whether it be BBQ or the basics. You can find it on you tube. I thought today would be a good day to share some of the feeds I regularly subscribe to. Some are BBQ some are not but I have found all of them amusing and usefull.

This is one of the first places I ever saw a spatchcock chicken video from one of Canadas BBQ forums

From an outstanding website The Oliver Ranch Company packed with information about Artisnal Beef there are a couple of videos from Carrie Oliver:

Now this guy not only cracks me up but he is a true Foodie in every sense of the word. His videos are terrific like this one for his first attempt at Boudin and he shares everything that he does its : CookinwithSurfinSapo

Pay ATTENTION BOY is the catch phrase for this larger than life home cook that is just chock full of down home good cooking. Its JB from Baton Rouge. I have tried some of his recipes and they were good really really good.

Now for a bunch of BBQ with a lot of fun check out the BBQ Pit Boys from BarbecueWeb


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