You know sometimes living in Canada there are disadvantages to being a BBQer. One of those things is accessibility to items you would like to try. Many times I will go in search of the odd rub or sauce that just isn’t available in Canada. I shop at Ontario Gas BBQ the majority of the time but sometimes you just have to hit the net to get what you want.

So I would like to express how much a recent transaction impressed me. I went to shop at Great Lakes BBQ Supply. Now this is a site truly dedicated to impressing the customer with their terrific customer service. My transaction was completed professionally and quickly. Plus in addition I received a phone call to verify my order and expedite what I needed. Thats really lovely service. Something the larger businesses could learn from. I will deal with them again just because of that.

I also liked the fact they keep their customer orders confidential. This is a big deal to me. I dont want someone knowing what I am ordering so its nice to have the reassurance that what I buy is kept quiet :-)

They get 5 stars in my book for their service. If you need stuff visit them please and tell them Diva sent you!!



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