Even more Pitmasters Auditions!!

Love seeing so many great audition tapes. I know some of these folks and I wish them all the best!!

Smokin Scotsmen!! FEAR THE KILT!!

Fire Fightin’ Cookin Crew ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap0va0O7r9M

Kentucky Smoke Squad

Team Unknown BBQ- Seriously funny video

Moe from Ponderosa BBQ~

Tarheel Smokers!!!

Southern Soul Barbecue Harrison Sapp

A Boy and his BBQ!

One Response to “Even more Pitmasters Auditions!!”

  • So will moose musk be the secret ingredient trend in 2010 ? ;)

    Southern Soul was just profiled in Southern Living last month so I was interested in hearing Harrison’s video. The credits at the end were hilarious.

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