Deep Fried Apple Hand Pies

I fell in love with deep fried hand pies as a kid travelling with my family to or place in Florida. I had commercially made ones from lots of convenience stores and they were an ooey gooey delight. A few years ago on one of our trips to a BBQ competition I had a homemade hand pie. Its ragged edges super crispy and flakey. The filling wasn’t overly sweet and was packed full of fruits.

On our recent trip to the Jack I missed having Mary Ruth’s Fried Pies while we we there. When I came home I knew I was going to have to attempt making these.

There was one problem with all of this. I seriously have an inability to make really great pie crust. So… I opted out of that step altogeher and bought these.

Then for the recipe…

I went here… Emeril Lagasse Fried Apple Pie Recipe


I made the filling the day before Halloween. Then on Halloween night I assembled the pies and followed the instructions for deep frying.

They came out awesome.

Super flaky not too sweet and uber easy to make.

I may not ever go back to making a regular pie again. …. Enjoy.

One Response to “Deep Fried Apple Hand Pies”

  • These make me wish I had one to go with my coffee this morning! I tried my hand at these on Valentines Day for my husband. They were good, but I should have deep fried them, not pan fried. Sometime trying to save calories makes things worse!
    Love your recipes, website & attitude for cooking!

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