Big Chris BBQ Smokehouse Now Open Barrie, ON

Finally. A new BBQ restaurant has opened in Barrie. I was looking forward to the opening of Big Chris’s Smokehouse since the last BBQ restaurant in Barrie –  Mike Love’s BBQ closed in 2008.

Big Chris’s has been open for less than 48 hours but I could not resist popping in to try some of their BBQ.

I asked what type of equipment they use and was told it is an electric Cookshack smoker with apple and hickory chips.

I ordered their half rack of ribs ($12.95) and their half bun Pulled Pork Sandwich ($5.50) both came with sides of beans coleslaw and fries.  I got both of these orders to go.

Ill start with their ribs. Currently they have only one sauce and they will be introducing more (Mustard, Texas spicy etc) in the future.

The half rack is generously portioned.  Very meaty rack.  The ribs did not fall off the bone and were cooked in my opinion properly. They had really good texture. The sauce was not overly sweet. Nice balance overall.  It was a decent rack of ribs with a very noticeable smoke taste.

Now something I wasn’t expecting was the goodness of the fries. It is really hard to get good fries. This place does them really well. While I personally prefer hushpuppies with my BBQ these fries are beautifully crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They remind me of old school fish and chip fries. Get some.

Next up would be my least favorite part of the meal – the beans. Seriously I expected much much better. They are not memorable. The texture is really mushy and bland. Theres just nothing there that would make you want their beans again. They could improve these greatly.   A little onion a little spice and a better bean would go a long way on improving them. Truly they tasted like a can of Heinz beans dumped into a container.   Take a pass on these.

The coleslaw was really good. You may want to get seconds.  Super crunchy tart and sweet at the same time and a perfect match for my favorite part of the meal the pulled pork sammie.

Now this in my opinion would be worth the drive from Toronto to come to Barrie to eat lunch or dinner.  This sandwich alone would be worth it. More often than not in restaurants these days pulled pork is over cooked mushy as heck and blander than anything. This sandwich is none of those things.

This is a really awesome Pulled Pork Sammie.

This is goodness on a bun. Please note this sammie must have weighed well over a pound and this was their half bun. The texture is what got me. The texture was great. The flavors came through a little smoke and a little sweet and all pork goodness. The pork pieces still have definition. Wonderful flavorful definition. I would go back for another.  There are still a lot of other items I would like to try on their menu.

There are still lots of quirks to be figured out and I have no doubt they will get there. For me I would definitely recommend this place as a real contender for some of the best BBQ in Ontario.  One of the key things I noticed was what I saw from other people – a whole lot of empty plates and happy looking folks.

They are open 7 days a week 11-11pm

110 Anne St. South

Barrie Ontario

705-721-RIBS (7427)

14 Responses to “Big Chris BBQ Smokehouse Now Open Barrie, ON”

  • the owners tell me they are already working on improving their beans!

  • A local KCBS competitor opened up a Q restaurant last October and they hit a few bumps on start up too. But it’s still head and shoulders above the rest of Q locally.

    Glad they are fixing the beans because that should just be a given at a Q place.

  • Mike:

    Some of the best ribs I’ve had in a while. I was dissapointed when Newmarket lost the Purple Pig and I don’t normally get ribs anywhere else. On the way to the cottage though, my wife and I decided to stop there after seeing the door wide open. I got their baby back ribs and she got the pulled pork sandwich (the larger size so that I could try some too). The ribs were freaking great and I ate them all the way to the bone. Tasted great and was very tender. Then when I had the pulled pork that my wife didn’t finish I found my self picking up the pieces that fell off. Recommended for anyone with a large appetite! :)

  • Thanks you for your time to review us. Chris and I have no desire to disappoint or serve inferior quality. In fact, we’ll shut the venture down if it ever falls to exceed our standards. This has only been our first week of operation after months of time, thought and investment. Because of our large servings and reasonable pricing we have to achieve volume to survive. We have some very capable and motivated people now and coming on board to prepare and service quickly. We’re having fun. Any comments are always valued. Regards Kent

  • susan:

    Absolutely fantastic!!! Chris BBQ on Anne Street is so delicious!! I usually go to Toronto to Phil’s BBQ and Chris’ is better!! You will have repeat customers for life. We had the pulled pork and it was smoked to perfection and not fatty at all. The portion sizes are huge so be hungry when you go.

  • Doug Flutie:

    This place is fantastic. The sammie is the best i’ve ever had…not to mention the service..Service with a great looking server smiling!

  • Mike:

    extremely tasty. I will be going there tonite. The kids love the chicken fingers and fries.

  • I’ve been meaning to visit for a while now and after last night I’m sorry I waited so long. Very impressed with the pulled pork sammie, the ribs, the slaw and especially the fries. Beans still need some work. And I was a little disappointed that the corn bread was unavailable because it was apparently not good last night. I was glad they chose to not serve it rather than serving something they weren’t happy with. Last, I would recommend that they work a little on the atmosphere – it needs to feel like a BBQ house, not just smell like it. I will definitely go back cuz the food was fantastic and I hope they thrive.

  • I’ve been meaning to go to Big Chris for some time and after having visited last night with my son, I’m sorry I waited so long. The pulled pork sammie, half rack of ribs, slaw and fries were fantastic. The beans still need a little work and I wasn’t able to get corn muffins. To their credit, they said the batch of muffins they had weren’t good and didn’t want to serve them. I will be going back so I will try them then.

    The only other comment I’ll make is the place could use a little more atmosphere. I needs to look and feel, not just smell, like a BBQ house. I was at Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse last weekend and that place felt right – of course, it’s been there for 30 years. I understand this is tougher to do and will take time, but just a suggestion.

  • Chris:

    Ive been in Barrie for some time now and have seen this smokehouse but never ventured into. This place is one of the finest BBQ food establishments ive been to in years, the pulled pork is simply dynamite. Cheers Big Chris.

  • Greg:

    I just found out that big chris’s was in barrie. First time I tried it I knew I had a new favorite place to eat. I’ve been looking for a long time for a good smokehouse with no luck till the rib fest comes around and even then I don’t think the pulled sandwich from the rib fest compairs to chris’s. Chris’s pulled pork is the best and the biggest and best value and taste you can find anywhere. The fries are also amazing and I don’t even like colsaw or beans but I finished both from chris’s. If it were up to me I’d say it’s the best smokehouse around.

  • Mary Sue:

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has continued to support Chris on his quest for BBQ perfection. The feedback that the staff has recieved is invaluable to this end and is condidered in everything we do.
    Again, the staff, and Chris, are looking forward to continuing the quest and are having a great time serving the wonderful people of Barrie.
    Cheere and a safe and happy new year to everyone!
    Mary Sue Robinet- GM @ Big Chris’

  • Justin:

    Best Pulled Pork I have had north of the border and better than a most southern establishements. You really can’t get a better deal anywhere. Trying the ribs soon, maybe superbowl and will report back.

  • Louis:

    I don’t no what was wrong with the beans before but I loved them on my fries. Had Big Chris’s ribs for the first time last week and I am hooked for life. I have had ribs in the states before and I must say the ribs I had last week would put some of the to sham. The smoke flavor went deep into the bone. almost made me want to eat the bone too. The portions were huge and definately didn’t leave me wanting more. Great job to Big Chris’s. See next week for dinner.

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