Day 11-25 days of Christmas BBQ Blogging.

I am always searching out new stuff on the net. IF you go to You Tube and type in BBQ you will find these guys-

Their BBQ videos are fun and informational. They have loads of subscribers and have visitors from around the world. They have made themselves known all over the net. Additionally they even have their own store. Worth it to check them out-

About THe BBQ Pit Boys!

You smell that? It smells gooooood!

When we started uploading our BBQ Pit Boys recipes to YouTube and other video sites a year ago, we never realized what a huge response we’d get.

We’ve had visitors from over 120 countries view, download and comment on our bbq recipes over 6 million times. Amazing, and we have to thank all of you for your many kind words and support.

Barbecuing is all about good friends, good music, and good food. Good livin’ don’t get any better than that.