BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 Auditions on You Tube & Vimeo

Found these interesting auditions on youtube & Vimeo for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2

And also on Vimeo

Submission Video from Ryan McLain on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 Auditions on You Tube & Vimeo”

  • They sure are varied in their approaches aren’t they? I think some are trying to hard to be “over the top” entertaining instead of being themselves. Some are rather funny at parts.

    It’ll strain out.

  • Carrie:

    Hi, Diva, love the look of your new site and enjoying your blog a lot. But hey – where can we get a glimpse of YOUR DVD audition? Good luck with that, they’d be getting a great show if you can get their attention. Hope to see you in Saskatoon/Whistler later this year.
    Hugs~Rob’s Mom

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