Grilling with Rich is running a contest for BBQ person of the year. He writes a great blog that is always interesting and with fresh content. I was nominated by some folks and that was quite kind of them. The list is fully stocked with some awesome folks from all over:



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The 2011 – BBQ Person of the Year

I think its a fun poll however I really believe the BBQ person of the year should be the unknown pitmaster. 
The pitmaster who toils day in and day out at BBQ joints all over North America, the guy or gal who is not on tv who doesn’t show up on some reality show the person who just gets the job done day in and day out.  Who works the pits tending the fires and making BBQ.
They go out every day to produce the best BBQ they can. Smoked rubbed and sometimes slathered.  They are the real deal.
Real BBQ joints are a dying breed. There are fewer and fewer around. AS generations don’t continue with the legacy of their forefathers of BBQ due to whatever reason those pitmasters should be celebrated. Their legacies should be documented and wherever possible continued.
Thats why I think they should be the BBQ person of the year.
Just my 2 cents


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