Here are some videos that were shot from last weekends competition in Category

Brian Misko – House of Q (Kissing a pig and lying about Gatorade LOL)

Jim Williams – Pigsicle (seriously these guys have the most expensive comp shirts I have ever seen)
talking about his new $30,000 pit. Its a bit of bling for sure. (On a personal note though you don’t have to spend $30,000 to make good Q thats for sure I have seen and eaten some of the best Q out of a UDS and garbage can smoker)

Alberta Pork – Chef Justin Chatlain We were given some terrific pork tenderloins that were incredible! Put Pork on your fork!

Grilling Vegetables – Nanthan Brock
Vegetables are great on the grill for sure!

Chefs Challenge – Anything butt preparation Grillers in the Mist, Sean Lynn
Caprese salad & Avocado multi color tomato, couscous, chilean sea bass with prosciutto, saffron pine nut couscous, butterscotch upside down apple cake – WOW