Day 1

Well we have arrived and have been enjoying the last couple of days in Calgary.
What a gorgeous city this is. Full of terrific friendly people and a welcoming atmosphere. Got a bit of shopping done on my first day as our flight arrived really early in the morning . Overall the downtown core is one of the nicest I have ever seen. This is a great walking and biking city as well. Exploring the downtown core we saw lots of incredible artwork.

Our hotel here is literally 100ft from our comp site. Now think about that for a minute. WE are so close to our suite that our typical 3 hour nap on a military cot will now be in a nicely appointed hotel room with a comfy duvet and good pillows. * Sigh* I think I could very well get spoiled during this competition.

Our first night proceeded with meeting up with some teams we just adore. Prairie Smoke & Spice, Completely Q Less and House of Q. We all enjoyed a nice meal and well I wont deny it a heck of a lot of alcohol was consumed at a downtown bar. I did however introduce the Western teams to my favourite shot – Chocolate Cake (I have Rich from Lost Smoke Nation and Kenny from Dizzy Pig to thank for introducing this shot to me at Oinktoberfest a few years ago)

Chocolate Cake Shot Recipe
1 part Grey Goose
1 part Frangelico
Sugared lemon slices.
Suck on the lemon take the shot and you would swear you have just eaten a slice of chocolate cake.

Angie Quaale from Completely Q-Less and owner of the incredible store Well Seasoned ( and I did manage to also close an additional pub as well that night. Lets just say we will keep the rest of the night to ourselves. Good Times. Great friends.

Day 2/3

The competition is pretty fierce out here. They run by PNWBA rules. They have an agreement with the KCBS and they have got their crap together out here. The contest is very well organized. This is probably the easiest competition we have ever flown in to. The tents tables and chairs are all provided by the city of Calgary so that’s a relief to us. Our hockey bag and cooler full of meat (Gotta bring my HOVEYS gourmet meats!!) all came through customs no problem so we are good to go here. So many friends here that everything we need is right at our doorstop so to speak. Angie ran me all over town to stock up on supplies even so no car rental required either.

We had lots of opportunities to talk with teams. Had the best chowder EVER from Pigasaurus Morley. Wo w. Still craving more. Saw pigsicles new giant pit. Its nice looking. Saw 4 incredible BBQ’s though. They are hydrogen tanks that have been converted to cabinets. Really neat idea. Great execution .

My big meats went on without a hitch – huge thanks to Gene from Western Air Fireplace & BBQs who is providing all of our BBQ’s this weekend. We are thrilled to be using 3 Traegers this comp. In addition we are blessed to be in the hometown of our Beer sponsor BIG Rock. Tom Stuart made sure we were adequately stocked on lime and also my personal favourite Grasshoppper. Its all good.

My boxes were done ahead of time no problems there either. I went off for my 3 hour nap and stared at the ceiling for an hour. LOL that comfy cushy nap was apparently too much for me to handle. Whereas if I had my military cot I would have been passed out in seconds. Go figure.

So now as I sit here we are at 6:30 am the birds just woke up and Ill be pulling a few things off shortly. I am so close the hotel that I have my laptop on site and I am tapping into their WIFI from the parking lot. Seriously. I am spoiled here as well – my all time favourite coffee kicking horse is in abundance. Life is good. BBQ people rock.

Off to take care of meat.

Final Day:

Well it was a great contest and I had a lot of fun with my husband Vlado and the many terrific teams. We didn’t do as well overall as we had hoped for but we did get to see our friends Jacy and Rob from Prairie Smoke n Spice get another GC. They are truly a terrific couple and we were thrilled for them. In addition we saw other friends House of Q and completely Q less take walks.

We were thrilled however on receiving a 1st in brisket. This year has been brutal for us in the brisket category and this was nice especially since we were in Alberta of all places. It really did pay off to bring our Ribs and brisket from Hovey’s Gourmet meats in Barrie all the way to Calgary. They are the only two categories we got calls in.

Additionally as usual the comment cards were odd. One comment card said the pork was lovely great color tender and juicy another said the pork was dry and tough and too salty all of our comment cards were this way. Ugh Seriouslty. Not good.

Overall we came in 4th (1st brisket, 3rd ribs, 13th chicken 14th pork)

It is what it is.

We wish all out Western BbQ friends all the very best at the Langley BC competition this weekend. It is being run by Angie and Dennis Quaale from and team COmpletely Q-less

This weekend we are off to St. Thomas Ontario for the Canadian Southern BBQ Championships – sadly they are 2 teams short of a Jack Qualifier. Seriously this is not good at all for any of the teams going. After that we are off to St. Jacobs area for the 3 day Fall Home Hardware show with Traeger Canada. ITs going to be an insane week of packing and BBQing in preparation.

Here are pictures from the Calgary trip:
CAlgary BBQ on the Bow

Once again many thanks to our trip sponsors Traeger Canada, Hovey’s Gourmet meats and BIg Rock Brewery (Much appreciation to Tom Stuart to make sure we were adequately stocked!)


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