I read online a lot. I don’t watch much tv (other than a few select shows) and most of the time I am catching up with the few shows I do watch online. One of the things I do daily is read BBQ forums. They are a wealth of information. I would definately say I have learned a lot from them. They are also a constant source of amusement to me. There is certainly some sense of community on each of them. Additionally it often surprises me what people will say online in a post hidden behind the shield of their computer. This list in in no way inclusive to all of the forums I belong to but if you have a favorite please leave a comment and let me know.

These are some of my favorite places to lurk and to post:

http://www.bbq-4-u.com/ Greg Rempe does an outstanding weekly BBQ show every Tuesday night (Ahem thats tonight ! Tune to http://www.latalkradio.com/ at 9pm est) Some of the people on this forum are near and dear to my heart.

http://www.bbq-brethren.com/ Theres a whole lotta terrific people on this forum. I am blessed to know a few of them. THere is a wide range of topics covered from the serious side to the light hearted. LOL I did not go into the “R’ rated woodpile for almost a year – I love the weekly throwdowns as well. Fun stuff.

http://www.bbqtalk.ca/ This is a Canadian BBQ forum. Great recipes great people a little quiet now and then.

http://www.thepickledpig.com/ I love the posts here plus the really informational pictures. Of course I like the rankings!! (personal pat on the back: we came in at 241 out of approx 4700 this year I am impressed thats moving up almost 300 places for us this year)

http://www.thebbqforum.com/ I don’t like the format of the posts but its always a constant source of amusement.

http://www.firecooker.com/ A new forum from Dr. BBQ himself Ray Lampe. ITs getting bigger by the day.

http://www.thesmokering.com/ It’s a motley crew of terrific posts and some seriously awesome recipes.

http://www.pnwba.com/ Pacific Northwest BBQ Association. There is a lot of BBQ happening in the North. Really there is.

http://www.bbqnews.com/ The fine folks here have treated me well many times. I really like some of their discussions.