I have been asked to post this on the blog for my American friends and readers.
If I lived closer I would certainly be volunteering.

Press Release
Ft. Hood Day of Healing Gets Grilling Help From BBQ For Our Troops
Pit Crews nationwide join in to provide barbeque for 60,000 troops and families during Day of Healing, Dec. 11, 2009
“To honor those who protect our freedoms, and their loved ones, with the hospitality of the uniquely American meal of BBQ.” – Del King

Woodbridge, VA, November 23, 2009: BBQ for Our Troops has been asked to return to Ft. Hood for a second barbeque outing in a year for its Day of Healing, Dec. 11, 2009. The special day calls for meals to feed 60,000 troops and family members, said founder and president, Del King, a former Marine and operator of BBQ for Our Troops.
Mr. King started providing BBQ’s for troops around the world, when soldiers began tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been very dedicated to the troops and travels across the country sponsoring BBQ’s, but also creating a network of competitive pit crews to provide BBQ events on bases across the country, including Ft. Hood, TX.; Ft. Irwin, CA; and Camp Pendleton, CA; among others.
“I have been asked to do a BBQ at Fort Hood Texas. It is for the entire base. It will be part of what they are calling A Day Of Healing. I said ‘Yes.’ This is for our service people and they need all of our support,” said Mr. King. “So, I am now asking for help in this process. I need smokers and servers to answer the call to help. Come out and help. I need donations to be able to do this one. It is short notice and I must get the job done.”
“Smokers” are not those in the habit of lighting up tobaccos products, but those men and women who compete in the pit-barbeque business and who have created custom-made grills and meat smokers for high-stakes competition events.
Mike Hedrick, national spokesperson for BBQ For Our Troops, is one of those smokers and said, as part of the Ft. Hood Day of Healing, “We will provide BBQ for the entire base and all family members. We plan on feeding around 60,000 people. This will be Dec. 11th and there is the need for about 40,000 pounds of meat.” The organization is collecting both meat products from donors around the country, as well as financial sponsorships.
The event will require all the sides that come with a good old fashioned BBQ event, as well, said Mr. Hedrick. “That’s a big order. We’ll need 2,142 #10 cans of beans, 600 gallons of sauce, and we need at least 75 smokers with a capacity of 400 pounds each.”
The BBQ For Our Troops outreach is privately funded via a national network of BBQ teams to serve the troops. Mr. King said he has spent years developing the network of pit crews that serve bases across the country. “This is a grass roots effort to show support for those men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. What I have done is to try to get people involved from different regions of the United States. BBQ teams come together and cook together for this cause. All the food is donated, as well, the Military doesn’t pay a dime for it. It takes time and a lot of effort to get this done.”
BBQ For Our Troops has laid out spreads for up to 18,000 troops – the Ft. Hood Day of Healing BBQ will be the largest event ever for the group.
Nov 21st on the SPEED Channel, Pit Crew Barbeque’s own Jeff Hammond took time out to discuss the cause that PCB’s Pit Boss, Mike Hedrick will be working on diligently. Jeff is a strong supporter of the military, having supported the troops in Germany, Bosnia, Spain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq.
For more information, to volunteer product and smoker services, or for interview opportunities, contact Mike Hedrick at (703) 470-6197 or visit www.BBQforOurTroops.com.