All along wherever you are you meet people that touch your heart warm your souls and move your BBQ passion forward.

A lot of this convention is about an incredible group of people who are passionate about BBQ.

For me being in Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor Texas yesterday was one of those BBQ moments where every emotion that I would ever attribute to BBQ came out. This shrine to BBQ has been open since 1949. Now imagine that for just a moment. Take a look at the businesses around you. How many do you know that have been opened that long especially the restaurant businesses. It is incredible

I don’t where to start and where to stop describing the feelings we got as a group walking into this place.

To me it was a feeling of coming home. To where I should be. It just felt right. From the peeling walls to the chimney gloriously going to the roof to the brisket being chopped on two darkened butcher blocks weathered with age each.

It is the butcher paper rolls, the uneven floor, the picnic tables and the grease that make the building feel right.

To be continued……………..