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How to Spatchcock and cut up a whole chicken.

I buy a lot of whole chickens for my family. I cut them up grill them etc. Whole chicken is much more economical than buying pre-cut pieces.   I learned a lot of cooking tips from my Grandma.  My Grandma never wasted a single thing ever. So even the backbone from spatchcocking would go into […]

BIG HUGE Awesome news for my American Friends!

BBQ Crawl is coming back to the travel Channel much sooner than originally scheduled. This is so awesome. So many people lamented the fact they could not see it until much later this year. So here it is the new date: Wednesday July 2 at 10pm & 10:30pm EST. That’s right my American Friends get […]

Fathers Day Gift Giving ideas for the BBQ & Griller

Looking for the perfect gifts for that grill lovin’ BBQ making Dad of yours?  Here are some suggestions for gift giving this Fathers Day:   Gastro Grilling is for everyone who loves to fire up the grill at any time of the year and turn an everyday meal into a gastronomic delight! Within these pages […]

BBQ Words- Get to know the lingo

  Ready for a Black and Blue, Hot Guts and Burnt Ends plate? Do you even know what that means? There are lots of terms in the barbecue and grilling worlds that may be confounding. Here’s a guide to demystifying the special lingo of outdoor cooking. BBQ, Bar-B-Q, Barbecue, Barbeque – A noun, and also a […]

Bring the heat home BBQ Crawl Contest! Win a Char-Broil Grill

Enter to win a brand new Char-Broil® BBQ grill We know what it’s like to watch DivaQ on BBQ Crawl. We see Diva Q’s glorious prep process and before we know she’s heating up the grill and it’s competition time. The only drawback? The instant cravings we get while watching Diva Q do her thing. […]

Korean Cut Beef Short Ribs

Looking for one of the fastest most satisfying grilled items you can make? ?? You need to try Korean Cut Beef Short ribs. I Love love love this marinade. IT’s awesome on pork and chicken too!