All hail the king- Plowboys BBQ Success Story

Unless you have been living under a rock (or you just don’t follow competitive BBQ really I understand) a while back you would have heard that Plowboys BBQ was the 2009 American Royal Invitational Grand Champion. This is a HUGE deal. Here are two videos where Todd discusses his BBQ succes for 2009.

On another exciting note the Plowboys line of rubs and sauces are coming to CANADA!!!! I am a big fan of their stuff. It is top notch high quality with proven outstanding results. It will be carried at Bass Pro Shops.

One Response to “All hail the king- Plowboys BBQ Success Story”

  • Kevin Sandridge:

    Man. This is one of the best posts w/ video interviews I've seen on BBQ… EVER! Seriously. As a history buff – and a BBQ enthusiast – I feel that anyone who loves the history and back story behind some of these very successful teams needs to view this one. Great post – and thanks again.

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