2012 was an exciting year for our team and for me personally.

As I look back its hard to believe where we went and how many people we got to meet in the US.  From filming 2 episodes of BBQ Pitmasters to competing all over the place, teaching and then filming 10 episodes of my new show BBQ Crawl it was one heck of an epic adventure. 23 states countless cities and over 25,000. miles.


BBQ Map Diva Q 2012


I have to thank a whole lot of people & sponsors:

Thank you!

My family & friends. They are truly the reason why we can go out and compete and make tv shows and everything in between. I am so lucky to have such a supportive home team. Big thanks to those teams and friends who helped me out when I was flying in to locations- you guys are the bomb.

TO my team: Vlado, Patrick, Jessie & Mike – you are the best!!

To all the people who took the time to come and introduce themselves – it was great to meet you all!

Plus all these terrific companies:

Traeger Canada

Basques All Natural Lump Charcoal


Smoky Mountain Smokers

BBQ Guru

Butcher BBQ

Ontario Gas BBQ



RTR Media


I am blessed beyond blessed and no matter what the scores I will always consider myself the luckiest woman in BBQ ever.